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Developer Resources

So, you're a software developer looking for some new libraries to integrate in your applications? Then chances are that you'll find this section of our web site very interesting, especially if you work with audio related projects since that is what most of our components are intended for.


Streemway Game Audio System (in development)
Do you need a robust, easy to use audio engine for your game? Are you worried that people might go and steal your sound and music files that you spent so much time creating? Do you need to keep the final size of your distribution down to a minimum but still have high quality sound effects and background music? Then Streemway is for you! It effectively combines all the power of Microsoft DirectSound, the AES Rijndael encryption standard and the Ogg Vorbis audio compression algorithm to form an API that will suit all your game audio needs.


Blastbay Oggdec - A simple Ogg Vorbis decoder dll
Blastbay Oggdec is a simple, easy to use dynamic link library (dll) which allows you to decode audio saved in the Ogg Vorbis format, back to normal uncompressed PCM data which can be played by a soundcard or saved to disk as a Wave file.
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