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Kringle Crash


From the inner depths of the Blastbay workshop emerges... Kringle Crash! This year, old Kris Kringle is in big trouble. An angry little elf called Borgot is sick and tired of his working conditions and so has started a major revolution with the purpose of putting the grand old man in his place once and for all.

Your job is to help Santa to recover all the gifts and put them on the sleigh, while at the same time trying to prevent Borgot and his hoard of revolutionists from happily chucking the presents into a massive garbage disposal unit. All of this has to be accomplished in just four minutes, as it is high time for Santa to be on his way!

The game features professional acting, an original soundtrack as well as high quality sound effects all bundled together to form the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who needs a bit of stress relief.


  • Super fast and exciting action.
  • Professional acting.
  • High quality sound effects.
  • An original orchestral score to really set the scene.
  • A hidden secret reward.
  • Plenty of twisted humor.
  • A 0 dollar price tag!


This game is freeware. You may download it by clicking on the link below. Do not forget to read the manual that is provided with the package for any information that you may need.

Download Kringle Crash version 1.0 (10.5 MB)

Merry Christmas!
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