Radio Drama Audition Submissions

The audition period for the radio play "Life Reformatted" has now run out. We wish to thank everyone who auditioned most warmly, and say that it was no easy task to select a cast out of all the good applicants who auditioned. So if you were not selected, please do not hesitate to come back and audition for us again in the future!

The remainder of this page is here for reference purposes only.

The story is about Tom Wilks, who travels forward in time as the result of purchasing a computer from an unknown source. The future in this case is a traditional dystopia where people can no longer breathe without the help of gas masks due to pollution, and where all electronic devices are banned.

Audition end date: Friday, August 27th.

Recording date: Sunday, September 12th (9 AM to 5 PM, or until all scenes are recorded).

Contact person: Philip Bennefall (philip@blastbay.com)

Recording location:
Paradoxx Sound Studios
38917 20th Street East, Suite 404D Palmdale, CA 93550

List of Characters

Tom Wilks (the main character):

A programmer in his mid twenties with a tendency to always have bad luck; especially with money. He's a sensible person who knows right from wrong, but can sometimes be a bit careless and daring. This puts him in difficult situations from time to time, when he tries to stand up for the people he cares about for instance.

Linea Foster (Tom's love interest):

A sweet, loving girl in her early twenties with a subtle sense of humor that comes out every now and then. She has a big heart and tries to be nice to everyone around her, up to a point. There is more to her than what can be seen at first glance, and she never gives up once she's set her mind on accomplishing something.

Linea's mother:

A proper, respectable lady in her mid fifties with a passion for order and neatness. She is a pleasant person, but tends to get stressed out easily and is sometimes dumbfounded when difficult situations arise. She is suspicious of most things that do not conform to the general norms in society.

Jack Richman (Tom's rival):

A self-centered, arrogant person who will do anything necessary to get what he wants regardless of how it affects others. He can be very sarcastic, and speaks his mind at all times without thinking first. This is not to say that he isn't clever, but he uses his intelligence for the wrong things.

Also needed are three male actors to do extra parts such as a pawnshop owner, two robbers, police men, a bartender, and any additional lines belonging to minor characters.


You will be paid 50 dollars per hour, for as long as you still have scenes left to record. Thus, time spent waiting in the control room to record your scenes will also be paid. Once the last scene in which you participate has been recorded, you will no longer be paid for your time and are free to leave.

The session will start at 09:00 AM, and end at 05:00 PM. Be on time!

There will be a lunch break between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM. Traveling/lunch expenses will not be covered, and the lunch hour will not be counted as paid work time.

You will be expected to print out your own copy of the script and bring it to the session.

Successful applicants will be required to sign This short agreement.

Payment will be made via PayPal, within one week after the session. You must have a working PayPal account.
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