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Palace Punch-up


Welcome to Palace Punch-up! As the name suggests, the objective of the game is to break your opponent's magnificent palace down into a pile of junk in as short a time as is humanly possible while, of course, preventing the same terrible fate from befalling you. You do this by happily chucking huge rocks at the other person's outer wall, while at the same time using a hammer to try to beat away your opponent's rocks that are piercing your own wall. This is an arcade game with a fairly traditional design, with fast action and the need for quick reflexes in order to survive.

The game features six difficulty levels, a clever computer opponent so that you can practise your skills, the ability to play online against a real human opponent over the internet, as well as an orchestral soundtrack and high quality sound effects.


  • Addictive arcade style game play.
  • Six difficulty levels.
  • An intelligent computer opponent to really test your skills.
  • The option to hear the computer play against itself.
  • The ability to play against a human opponent over the internet.
  • High quality sound effects.
  • An orchestral score.
  • A 0 dollar price tag!


This game is freeware. You may download it by clicking on the link below. Do not forget to read the manual that is provided with the package for any information that you may need.

Download Palace Punch-up version 1.0 (5.0 MB)

This game was written from the ground up using the Blastbay Game Toolkit (BGT). If you too are interested in making your own audio games, head over to the software section of our website and discover game creation for yourself.

Happy punching!
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