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Blastbay Oggdec - A simple Ogg Vorbis decoder dll


Blastbay Oggdec is a simple, easy to use dynamic link library (dll) which allows you to decode audio saved in the Ogg Vorbis format, back to normal uncompressed PCM data which can be played by a soundcard or saved to disk as a Wave file.

Sean Barrett over at
wrote this excellent decoder from scratch and placed it in the public domain. This dll is a cut-down, simplified version of the decoder and it is usable in any language that can call dll files. The dll is intended to be simple, not to cover all the features in the original decoder. This does not mean that the actual performance of the decoding process is in any way impaired, only that the application programming interface (API) is limited in order to achieve greater ease of use.

You may be wondering, why not just use one of the standard Ogg Vorbis decoders that are out there? The answer is simple. All of the Ogg Vorbis decoders that are released as of this date are covered by a license agreement that requires you to put credits in the accompanying documentation for your software. Not everyone may want to do this, but until now there havenít been much else to choose from. Since the original source code for this decoder is in the public domain, you are not forced to include any kind of attribution in your documentation and this dll imposes no such requirements either. Though attribution is certainly appreciated, it is not required. Just drop in the dll, use it, and forget about the legalities.


Click on the link below to download Blastbay Oggdec.

Download Blastbay Oggdec
Version: 1.0
Size: 31.4 kB
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