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Light-hearted Orchestral CD

Simply sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the best days of your life. Remember the games you played as a child, or the promise of the future waiting on the horizon? Each and every track included on this CD is a tribute to our most fond memories.


Composer: Quinten Pendle
Mastering engineer: Robin Schmidt
Producer: Philip Bennefall


You may listen to low quality, watermarked MP3 previews of every track containned on this disk by clicking on the "Download Preview" links in the table below. These previews are for listening purposes only and may not be used.

Track Title Preview
01.Sunny FieldsDownload Preview
02.Cheerful MorningsDownload Preview
03.Children's GamesDownload Preview
04.Joyful JourneyDownload Preview
05.Loving ThoughtsDownload Preview
06.Bright FutureDownload Preview
07.Peaceful DaysDownload Preview
08.Pleasant ProspectsDownload Preview
09.Baby's DreamboatDownload Preview
10.A Glimpse of EdenDownload Preview
11.Happy EncounterDownload Preview
12.Sunrise on the FarmDownload Preview

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