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Royalty Free Music

End User License Agreement

This is a legal agreement between you (the licensee), and Blastbay studios. By using the music you agree to abide by all terms and conditions outlined below.

Any royalty free music purchased as either digital downloads and/or on a physical media either directly from Blastbay Studios or from one of its authorized resellers, is governed by these terms.

This license gives you non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the music in your productions as much as you like, without having to pay any additional fees beyond the initial cost for the track(s). This license only allows you to use the music as part of a production, also called a synchronization license. This means that you may not use the music on its own without incorporating it into a production.

You may use the music in as many productions as you like without paying any additional fees of any kind. This includes flash animations, music on websites, on-hold background music, video games, TV/radio broadcasts, movies and other productions of a similar nature. You will only pay once regardless of how many copies of the productions in which the music is used you sell.

You may not rent, lend out, sublicense or in any way give the content to a third party except as part of a production. You may not redistribute the music and claim it to be your own, regardless of any editing or additions that you may have done to the track(s). An example of this is creating ringtones out of the material, as this is not considered to be part of a production but merely as editing the music.

Blastbay Studios reserves the right to modify this license agreement at any time.

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