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Royalty Free Music

Blastbay Studios is proud to offer an extensive library of royalty free music, suitable for a multitude of applications ranging from films to video games to radio and tv spots to on-hold music and much more.

Music Collections

We offer the following music collections.

Film Score Themes

Royalty Free Music - What is it?

Royalty free music is music that comes with a special license which in short allows you to use the music as much as you want, for almost anything you want. The cost is much higher than for normal CD's that you buy in stores, because of the simple fact that you are actually allowed to use the material unlike regular albums for which you would need to negotiate with the record label in order to obtain usage rights.

The applications in which our music may be used are many, though there are limitations. For more information please consult our
license agreement.


We currently do not accept direct orders from customers, although you may read more about our music collections and preview every single track in them by clicking on one of the collection names above. In order to purchase our music, please visit one of our resellers. A list of available resellers is provided for each individual collection on their respective pages.

If you need special licensing arrangements not offered by any of our resellers, please contact us to negotiate.
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