Welcome to the ELIAS World Tour!

Best experienced using headphones

In order to showcase our adaptive music engine, we've decided to take you on a musical journey.
You'll get to experience a wealth of musical cultures all seamlessly flowing together as you move from place to place.
Don't forget to visit our website HERE for more information and the services
we provide for anyone interested in adaptive music for games, television and film.

Controls: To move the conductor use the directional arrows or w, a, s, d.
Please note: The music in the World Tour is streamed in real-time over the web.
This results in additional latency not present when using the ELIAS engine directly.
We currently do not support Safari, but we are working on it!

What's Going on at the Poles?:
At the North Pole, the music uses tracks from any country so you can get any kind of combination randomly.
At the South Pole, you'll get a random country but all the tracks apply to that country.
You will always get the right bass, the right chords etc. for that specific country.
Thank you for visiting!