The Blind Date Line

Welcome to the Blind Date Line! The Blind Date Line is a phone service where you can find like-minded people for anything from friendship to casual dating to serious relationships and more. You can record your own profile, listen to other people's profiles, listen to messages sent to you in your own personal inbox, and of course respond to any profile that strikes your fancy.

You can reach the system in several ways:

1. Call one of the phone numbers set up for it:

The cost of the call is the same as dialing a local phone number in the given country/state/city. No additional charges apply.

2. If you have access to a SIP client, you may call the service directly by entering:
in your client. Calling the service via SIP is completely free. If you don't have a SIP client and are using Windows, we recommend Phoner.


This service is completely free. We don't make any money from it. Therefore, if you find it useful and would like it to stay around, please send us a small donation. Your donation helps cover server costs, phone line/number costs, and the costs associated with maintenance. Every little bit helps!

Donations are processed through PayPal, which means that you can use all major credit cards and also that we never see any of your sensitive payment information. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to donate. Simply click on the button below, and follow the instructions. Thank you!

Coming Up

We have several features planned, such as the ability to have emails sent to you whenever someone responds to your profile. Stay tuned and please check back here from time to time!


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop us a line at

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