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BGT (Blastbay Game Toolkit)

Submitting Example Games

Do you have a game that you want the world to see, and that you want others to learn from? Then feel free to submit it as an example game! If accepted, the game will be put up on the Blastbay Studios website along with all the others, with your name attached to it for everyone to download.

in order for a game to be accepted as a BGT example, it must meet certain criteria:

  • 1. It must be entirely your own creation and must only use code that you either wrote yourself, or have prior written permission to use from the original author. All code given as include files in the BGT toolkit itself falls under this category.
  • 2. It must not use any trademarks owned by a third party such as copyrighted names, sound effects and/or music and other material, without prior written consent from the copyright holder. This means that you may not use sound effects and/or music unless it is distributed as free or legally licensed to you, nor may you create Harry Potter or Star Wars games and the like without first obtaining permission to do so.
  • 3. The code must be well commented and clean, in order to be easily understood by others. Please take a little extra time to remove any unnecessary parts that are not used in the game, and to insert explanations as comments where appropriate.
  • 4. The game must come with instructions, either as a text manual/readme file or as instructions inside the game itself.
  • 5. The game must, to your knowledge, be completely free of bugs. Blastbay Studios will thoroughly test any game that is sent for review, and will advise you if a bug was found that needs to be fixed before your creation can be included as an example game.
  • 6. You must take full responsibility for the contents of your game. Blastbay Studios cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringements, data loss or other damages that may arise as a direct or indirect result of installing or in any way using your game.
  • 7. The game should, preferably, be fun to play.

If you are confident that your game meets all of the above requirements, then please send it via email to philip@blastbay.com. If the file is larger than 5 mb, please provide a link to a download location rather than attaching the game to the email directly.

Thank you for your interest in submitting games and supporting the BGT community!

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